How many accounts can I choose per plan?
Only one account is allowed per plan.

What all do I get with every plan?
You get the promised number of followers and the likes on each and every minute which you upload after the order has been processed. Comments are delivered as well depending upon the plan you purchase.

Any discounts on bulk orders?
Yes, we do have discounts available on bulk orders.

Is your service safe?
IGGViral is 100% Safe and can be used on any new/old Instagram account.

How long do these followers like all my pictures?
They will keep liking your pictures as long as your IGGViral plan is active.

Do these followers drop after my plan has ended?
No, they won’t drop after your plan has ended but will stop liking your pictures.

Are these accounts real?
To be honest, they look real with complete profile information and different pictures
along with some following and followers but all of them are managed by our team
and we do our best to ensure that they look real.

How many pictures do I receive the likes on?
You will receive the promised amount of likes on each and every picture
you upload on your profile throughout the month.

How many accounts can I use per plan?
We currently allow just one account per plan.

Could you explain your service in short?
Sure, buy real Instagram followers which like and comment on all your pictures is
our tagline. So, what we actually do is provide you Instagram followers which look real
and like all your pictures which you post throughout the month automatically within few
minutes after you have posted them.

Why buy real Instagram followers?
A lot of people ask this question frequently so the reason why one should buy real looking instagram followers is because they
make the person look more popular and legit on Instagram. And depending upon the plan you purchase,
your pictures might even reach the Instagram popular page.

Are these normal followers which every other seller provides?
No, these are NOT the fake looking followers which do not interact with you but instead
these are real looking Instagram followers which like and comment on all your pictures.

Do all my pictures get liked?
There’s a limit of 3 pictures per day to prevent the spam usage of the service and ensure
that it keeps working smoothly all the time.

Can I buy custom plan to buy Instagram likes which like all my pictures in large quantities?
Sure, we do have provide customization options and we would love
to create a custom plan which provides you as many Instagram likes as you’re looking for.

Have any more questions?

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