“But how do I dominate Instagram and build followers?”

This is the question which a lot of people ask us so here’s how it goes…

Now this is the TOUGH and TRICKY part.

  • You have to take it slow and steady. Nothing pisses Instragram users more than posting 30 photos of the same products and services in a minute. Make that mistake and you’re sure to get snobbed.
  • Stock photos are a BIG No-No. Instagram users want images that have flavor…images that are gritty…images that create waves of emotion. Yes, it’s a tough crowd to please.
  • Get Your Followers Involved. You have to run contests; comment back and interact with other users; throw giveaways and freebies into mixit can get expensive and time-consuming.

And even if you do all of the above, there’s no guarantee of success as you can bet that your competitors will do the same. Unless you have deep marketing pockets like the top 100 brands or have an army of freelancers working for you –

Succeeding In Instagram Marketing

Takes A LOT Of Blood And Sweat…


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And you know what happens next when you’re popular on Instagram, but still if you’re confused, let me mention them,

  • You pictures get a LOT MORE ATTENTION than your friend’s pictures or your competitor company’s pictures or anyone else in your network.
  • MORE PEOPLE follow you on Instagram when they see you have got such a huge following and so much interaction going on your account.
  • Your product/service SELLS A LOT MORE than it was before because now you have more real people following and interacting with you.
  • When your product sells more, you see your huge increase in your revenues and MORE $$$ in your bank account.
  • And the list goes on and on.. It would took me days to write down all the benefits a person gets but I believe you get the idea.
“But how do I dominate Instagram and build followers?”

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